even after all this time it still utterly baffles me when people say harry/hermione is like incest. like, i get not shipping it (well, i don’t really but ship and let ship, as i say). but incest? really???

i always thought that ron and hermione acted more like my brother and me in the early years. so that was awkward. i think one of the major problems in the series is that the romantic relationships are so underdeveloped that which friendship->romance trope you prefer is almost entirely based on personal experience/preference. (although i think harry/hermione has the narrative on its side but it’s debatable and i’m clearly biased.)

that just leads me into another issue with the books being entirely from harry’s pov. as much as i love that boy with my whole heart and i loved reading the books from his pov, it means you just can’t explore the other characters and relationships like ron and ron/hermione that much.* like, the reason i never shipped them is i actively don’t understand how they function when they’re together. this is a legitimate question, please direct me to fic that answers it, what do they do when they’re together? what do they talk about? there are whole weeks in the summer when they’re together without harry and we never get to see their friendship, outside of harry. do they play chess? card games? talk about wizarding versus muggle culture? listen to music? do they like the same bands? do they just discuss harry ad nauseam??? i have serious questions!!! i need r/hr friendship fic! if i understood how they are on their own, i’d be much more open to shipping it.

*(harry/ginny being underdeveloped is purely a fault of the writing, not the pov choice, sorry i’m not sorry. you could have done better, jkr.)

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